About the Artist

Maria G. Franco

Gabita is a visual artist born in Quito- Ecuador. Since she remembers enjoys the world of art; painting, drawing, music, cinema, visiting museums and new exhibitions for fun with her dad on Saturdays or Sundays mornings. On lately years she got interested in film and photography; when she went to the World Press Photo Winners Exhibition in 2007 she fall in love with the idea of telling stories through photos. Her interest in documentary filmmaking and photography started. She volunteer as art director and extra for fellow artists thesis. Also, she volunteer in various documentary and international film festivals to learn more about independent cinema. She moved to Miami at the end of 2009 and at 2011 she start her Associate in Arts at Miami Dade College. She graduated from her A.A at the beginning of 2016 and actually she is studying her BFA on Photography in New World School of the Arts.

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"I used to think that was the weirdest person in the world, but then I thought, so many people in the world, there must be someone like me who feel bizarre and damaged in the same way I feel. I imagine, and I imagine she must also be out there thinking about me. Well, I hope that if you're out there and read this to know that, yes, it's true, I'm here, I'm so strange like you. "
- Frida Kahlo